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Exam essay on 13 Oct 2018 for general Ielts.

Young couple have children after thirties rather than at their young age.
Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

In current scenario, many youngsters are avoiding early marriages and family planning. There are some prominent reasons for this and I personally believe that it has more positive consequences.

First, a growing number of parents are very passionate and enthusiastic in terms of career development and their profession is the primary reason they do not expect to have children in the early stage of their marriage. It is intuitively obvious that in this age of huge competition, unemployment and economic crisis, people around the world are constantly worried about their career and job promotions. As a result, parents decide and determine to postpone their first childbirth.
Furthermore, social belief regarding giving birth of children has changed dramatically and people are more concerned about the living expenses than the number of babies they have, unlike older generations. Additionally, parents who study full-time in universities can not concentrate on their studies competently if they become parents. Enhanced life expectancy and changes in the social belief are two other reasons for this trend.

Nowadays it is believed that getting married in both financially, morally and physically developed period. It means that people that are independent and are able to at least provide suitable live conditions to themselves is more preferable to make a family. It used to be popular in western cultures, but now it spreads in whole world. Obviously, this attitude has several benefits such as stronger family or healthier and smarter children due to parents’ knowledge. For example, when young couples get married several problems could be appeared such as lack of life experience or inability to find suitable job. However, older couples are more experienced and can handle their families both financially and morally.

In conclusion, marriage and family planning are the life changing decisions and if they are taken at mature age it is more beneficial.

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